Photo - Mike Shirley-Donnelley / Curious Quail

Photo - Mike Shirley-Donnelley / Curious Quail

 Photo - Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

Photo - Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

 Photo - Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

Photo - Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

Recent Press

Seattle Psych-Pop Boosters General Mojo’s Strike Electronic Gold With ‘All of the Greats’ - Glide Magazine

On their new EP All of the GreatsGeneral Mojo’s manage to cram a vision-quests’ worth of soaring vocal harmonies, multicolored oil-drip synth lines, and shimmering fuzz-guitar wash into a concise – and incredibly compelling – journey. Reach out and take their hands, and they’ll lead you into a world where everything is just a little more colorful (and quite a lot groovier.) (Read full article)

Seattle Band's 24-Hour Jam Session Will Help Women in Construction - Seattle Magazine

"Local psychedelic pop band General Mojo’s wants its music to combat gender inequality. But not just in an inspirational sense. (Read full article)


Artist Home Premiere: “Dandelion Seeds,” by General Mojo's - Artist Home

The Seattle powerhouse that is General Mojo’s plays trippy, psychedelic music that floats, sits, examines and is taken by the breeze again. Co-fronted by Heather Thomas, a standout vocalist and one of the city’s best drummers, General Mojo’s have set their sights on a July 6th EP release with Vaudeville Etiquette at the Southgate Roller Rink. To preview the show, we wanted to catch up with Thomas and ask her about her work in the band and to premier a new track from the upcoming record. (Read full article)

Recent Releases

general mojo's is

Dune Butler - Vocals, Bass

Heather Thomas - Vocals, Percussion

David Salonen - Vocals, Guitar

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews - Vocals, Keyboard, Sax

Sam Veatch - Drums, Percussion


Featured videos

It Gets Okayer - Written by General Mojo's, Featuring special guests Delvón Lamarr and Andy Coe.

ALL OF THE GREATS - Written by General Mojo's | Directed by Sam Veatch | Starring Makayla Mai, Phoebe Tate, Hudson Palmer

Live Video