Photo - Mike Shirley-Donnelley / Curious Quail

Photo - Mike Shirley-Donnelley / Curious Quail

      Both intricate and melodic, General Mojo's presents a fresh take on the burgeoning psychedelic pop sound. Based in Seattle, WA, this eclectic five piece has been providing colorful guitar-and-synth laden tracks since 2012, most recently showcased in their 2016 release, How Hollow a Heart. Regarded as funky, energetic, and ground-breaking, General Mojo's simultaneously embodies the rich song structures of a nostalgic era and the dynamic textures of something not yet heard.


"General Mojo’s are one of those boundary-pushing bands that definitely deserve recognition that far transcends just local notoriety. If you’re looking for a band whose music will leave you feeling you just embarked on a massive and purposeful journey, you have to look into what General Mojo’s are doing."

- Northwest Music Scene (full article)


"There are those shows that both inspire me and frustrate me. Once I get completely inspired all I want to do is be on stage playing with my band and I realize that I am not and I get completely frustrated. I know it's a good show if this happens. This was one of those shows."
-Alex Zimmerman | WOTS Podcast

general mojo's is

Dune Butler - Vocals, Bass

Heather Thomas - Vocals, Percussion

David Salonen - Vocals, Guitar

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews - Vocals, Keyboard, Sax

Sam Veatch - Drums, Percussion



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